Self care needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s struggle in learning to tackle modern day life. With the advancement in technology, the growing social media platforms and the fast pace of everyday life, taking time out to look after ourselves is so important.

Self care can be anything from having a good night’s sleep to a two week holiday. The important thing is doing something for yourself that you enjoy, without feeling any guilt.

Many of my clients find sleep deprivation is the norm and holidays are far and few. When they book in for a facial with me, they’re getting an hour to lie down, relax (even on a lunch break – perks of working in the city!) and boost their confidence, leaving the salon with a natural glow.

Skin concerns can be a big factor in people’s confidence, which can then affect their everyday life. Addressing the concern can be difficult at first, but the benefits of doing so can be a huge relief once you start to see the results. With so many fad treatments and products fed to us online everyday, it can sometimes be a case of just getting the right advice for you. With seven years of knowledge behind me, and countless happy clients, I can safely say you will be in safe hands. No stress – no fuss.