IS Clinical are pioneers in the skincare industry, they have created clinically proven, results driven products to help with all skin concerns. All their products are 95 – 98% botanically derived making them safe for use on all skins including pregnant women and cancer patients.

Top reasons to try iS Clinical today:

• FDA approved products
• Pharma graded products (which means they really work!)
• Botanically derived
• Results driven

They are the celebrity brand of choice, and now mine too.

A bit about the ingredients…..
• Plant based retinols
– all products safe but effective

• Second generation Lascorbic acid
– non irritating and slow releasing

• Centella Asiatica
– top quality ingredients

Why choose a product with a low molecular weight?

When buying a high street product (from the very cheap to the very expensive) they are all diluted down so that every product can suit every skin, sounds ideal? Not quite. This means that the product has been diluted down so much so that the ingredients are not able to break through the skin’s barrier. However, when purchasing a Pharma-graded product, you are advised by a medical professional on what product is best for you, therefore enabling every product to keep a low molecular weight, allowing the ingredients within the product to treat deep within the skin. It’s a no brainer, right?

If you think iS Clinical may be what you’ve been looking for in a skincare line, please enquire today at