Did you know that using an exfoliating scrub can actually harm your skin?

Our skin has a natural barrier to protect it from over exposure to harmful pollutants which cause extreme dryness and can lead to skin concerns such as Rosacea. No matter what your skin concern may be, we want to protect our skin’s barrier at all costs. Every time we use a scrub, it breaks down more and more, so although you see an immediate glow after use, overtime your skin will become irritated.

For best results, use an exfoliating serum/cream containing some form of acid (such as Glycolic or Salicylic) or Retinol. Remember to use this in the evening only.

2. Can I use an exfoliating acid or retinol everyday?

This always depends on your skin and what type of acid you’re using. Most exfoliating products will instruct everyday use, however your skin will need to adapt to them over time, so the general rule is to start using them once a week and gradually build up from there.

I always suggest using a product that is botanically based- that way you can use it everyday without your skin becoming too dry.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to skincare, so if your exfoliator is making your skin extremely dry or flaky, then it’s probably not the one for you!

3. How many exfoliating ingredients are you really using on your skin?

We have come so far since the standard ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine which means it’s easier than ever to maintain a glowy complexion from home. However, this does mean that many products are now containing acids, which means you may be over-exfoliating without even knowing it!

It’s important to check the ingredients in your cleansers, serums and moisturisers to make sure you’re not exfoliating in every stage of your routine.

My no.1 exfoliating product: iS Clinical Active Serum

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid

This product can be used every evening as it is botanically based. This will make your skin glow every morning and will even help to tackle acne.

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