Cecilia London skincare are now located just 3 minutes walk from Monument Station…

Light Centre, Monument
36 St Mary at Hill


CECILIA LONDON is here in Monument, to give people a safe space to confront their skin-securities. Cecilia has been in the aesthetics industry for over a decade, working in and around London for doctors and dermatologists. She is known for debunking the myths of skincare and removing unnecessary frills from facials, just focussing on what works for you and your skin.

“I wanted to create a judgement free zone, where people can air their skin concerns without being sold to. The skincare industry has grown a great deal in recent years, and it now common
to see impractical 10+ step routines, with clinics offering surprise ‘add-ons’ to every facial – forcing you to spend a fortune.

My skincare facials take the “faff and frills” away. When you book a facial with me, every element of the facial has been carefully selected to give you the best results. I’ve also incorporated massage
into my facials so you can relax while getting great results.”

Booking in with Cecilia is simple; just visit cecilialondon.co.uk/treatments for instant online bookings.

Or call 07500 932 254 to book a complimentary consultation. We are located just 3 minutes walk from Monument Station.

Please use discount code ‘LIGHT10’ for £10 off your first booking.

Take a look at our opening hours here to get all you skincare treatments near monument station.