What is Retinol?

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that helps to accelerate cellular production, as well as stimulating collagen and elastin. This will leave the skin looking brighter for longer and slow
down the ageing process. From the age of just 25, our skin starts to wear out, causing us to lose up to 1% of our collagen every year.

Retinol is the one ingredient that is scientifically proven to reverse these signs – and so is a great product for not just combating ageing but preventing it in the first place.

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How do I know if it works for me?

Retinol is the most effective way of keeping your skin looking younger and brighter. However, it’s not ‘one size fits all’. If you have rosacea or sensitive skin this may not be the best product for you.

Unwanted side effects can include:

● Excessive dryness/flaking
● Sensitive, red skin
● Burning
● Itching

How should I use retinol?

If you are new to this product, or even moving up in strength, you will want to build up how often you use it. Apply every third day for the first week of use, then gradually increase the frequency until
you are using daily. If you’re finding the retinol too drying to use daily, then just keep it to every other day.

My top retinol products

For prevention: Active Serum, iS Clinical
A botanical, vegan product that can be used daily. Great for those with more sensitive skin or new to retinol.

For anti-ageing

Tretinoin, prescription
The best of the best when it comes to use – for those looking for real anti-ageing results.

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